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The City of Nottingham

At the Turn of the 21st Century

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 I was born in Nottingham and as my early formative years were spent living in the City at 3 Colville Villas off Sherwood Street,  I have always considered it to be 'my town' and taken an interest in it's development.

Having retired in 2004 I decided that it would be a useful exercise to try to record in pictures the way the city looks today.  The vast majority of the photographs were taken during the period between 2003 and the present, a time of considerable change and regeneration. As well as showing some of the many new developments, the prime aim was to capture as much of the old before it all disappears into history, including some of the detail the casual passer by might miss. The site presently displays over 3,945 images.

Some photographs depict street scenes and whilst I will not knowingly display images that breach an individuals privacy, should you feel that this has been done, please contact me and the image will be either immediately withdrawn or edited as appropriate. 

Free use of all images is granted for personal, educational, and non-profit making purposes.  For commercial use, the provision of high resolution versions of images, or any comments about the site, please contact me:

Please Note:- You may have noticed  that very little new content has been added recently. This is the result of increasing mobility problems due to severe arthritis in my knees and ankles. Whilst I hope to add a few more shots before my time is up, I will at least keep the site open for reference.

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