Nottingham Buildings

NG2 Business Park

New Developments.

The NG2 Business Park lies to the west of Queens Drive on land formerly occupied by the Nottingham Ordnance Factory, an establishment once famous for the manufacture of tank and artillery gun barrels and a key employer in the city.

This short section just displays some of the bill boards erected on the site that give details of some of the new buildings planned here.

The park is already home to several well designed modern buildings such as The Arc, Experian, Cirrus and Mercedes-Benz (See separate items under buildings), and if the quality of these is anything to go by, this park will soon gain a reputation for some of the best modern architecture in the city.  

With the exception of The Experian and HomeBase buildings most of the others and the general overall site plan were designed by the Nottingham firm of architects
Maber Associates Limited

  Ray Teece  18-07-2007 - Updated  15-08-2008