Nottingham Buildings

The Nottingham & County Constitutional Club

26-28 Market Street

This building presently stands vacant and carries a date stone of 1897. I don't know when it was vacated by the club, but more recently it was open as the 'Old Orleans' bar.

I am informed by site visitor  D. J. Brenton  that in the early 90's, when the Nottingham Conservative Association moved to King Edward's Court he came across a diary / scrapbook whilst packing,  which started something along the lines  that  in 1897 or about that time, at a meeting, it was decided that it would be most desirous that there should be a reading room for the use of Friends of Church, State and Constitution. For such purpose, a sum of money was made available for the purchase of premises on Market Street. . D. J. Brenton also informs me that the Nottingham & County Constitutional Club Ltd. is still registered with The Conservative Association

If anyone can provide any details about the Constitutional Club, please contact me.

This building is just a little too tall for my lens to capture in one go, so please see the next shot.

  Ray Teece  18-11-2008