Nottingham Buildings

Hockley Mill

Belward Street, off Hockley

This building is known as Hockley Mill and was for a short time in recent history was used as a public house.  

Some reports that I have read say that this IS an original part of the first cotton mill built by Sir Richard Arkwright in 1769 / 70 (Before the Cromford Mill), others just say that this is THE SITE of that mill. Whatever the truth, this is certainly a site of international importance for this is where The Industrial Revolution and The Factory System all started.  Arkwright's Nottingham mill was however very short lived. The patented  frames were horse powered and proved uneconomic to run so by 1771 he had moved to Cromford in Derbyshire to exploit the power of the River Derwent and built a large new mill using what was known as his 'water frame' to spin cotton.

The Cromford Mill still stands today, is being restored and is open to the public. Click here to visit the Arkwright Society web site.

  Ray Teece 23-05 -2007