The University of Nottingham - Jubilee Campus / Innovation Park

The Glaxo Smith Kline Carbon Neutral Laboratory for Sustainable Chemistry

This building stands on the east side of Triumph Road, just south of the Sir Colin Campbell (Gateway) Building.  This building has a timber frame with timber cladding and the latest technologies are being used to allow the building to be carbon neutral over its  lifetime.  It will get it's energy from solar power and sustainable biomass.
The architects are  FDG  Fairhursts who have offices in Manchester and Southampton and the main contractor for the project is Morgan Sindall who are based in Rugby.  The building is unique in the UK both in terms of construction and functionality and is another great modern building to add the the already impressive collection on The Jubilee Campus / Innovation Park.



The twelve  photographs immediately below are of the replacement building and were taken on 19th October 2016. 
From what I could see, I think the building is now at least partly occupied and in use.  Fences have come down giving access to the south side of the building and as a result new views of the building could be photographed.  It all looks really great in the lovely sunshine.
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The twelve  photographs immediately below are of the replacement building and were taken on 4th August 2016. 
Excellent progress has again been made since my last visit in May and the exterior of the building is now complete along with most of the landscape work and planting save for a bit of turf at the back. As well as being a great design, the builders have really delivered a quality job which is evident down the the small details.  The gardeners are also to be congratulated for the planting around the main entrance.  Work appears to be ongoing to complete the interior fit out, and it can't be long now before the lab comes into operation. 
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The twelve  photographs immediately below are of the replacement building and were taken on 1st May 2016. 
Again, excellent progress has been made since my last visit in January and it is now possible to get a good idea of what the finished building will look like.  Nearly all the external timber cladding and decorative finishes are now complete, the solar electric panels and the solar hot water panels have been installed along with the turf roof. The entrance is now visible and work is in hand on landscaping the  earth to flow into the roofline.  
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The eight  photographs immediately below are of the replacement building and were taken on 9th January 2016 
Good progress has been made since my last visit last August and the timber shell and cladding appears to be substantially complete with glass being installed and solar panels being fitted to the roof.
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The eight  photographs immediately below are of the replacement building and were taken on 8th August 2015 
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The twelve  photographs immediately below are of the replacement building and were taken on 2nd July 2015 
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Bad News on 13-09-2014: Today's issue of The Nottingham Post reported that this building was totally destroyed by fire during the previous night. It is thought that the blaze started at around 8.30 PM on Friday. Click here to go to the Nottingham Post site with pictures of the fire.
After an extensive investigation by the police and fire investigation experts,  it was concluded the the fire was started by an electrical fault in some temporary wiring in the rearmost tower. The site was subsequently cleared and work is in progress on the  replacement building. 
All the  photographs below are of the original building and  were taken on 16th June 2014  before it was destroyed by fire
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