Nottingham City by Night at Christmas


Here is a small collection of photographs taken in and around The Old Market Square at Christmas 2008.  There are somewhat fewer than last year primarily to avoid duplication because the Christmas illuminations are virtually the same as they were in 2007 (Still displayed below).  
The ice rink is again a very popular feature in the Old Market Square along with the German market and whilst this year the ice rink has been built at a lower level, the view through to the Council House has now been obstructed by a steel frame that runs across the rink.  I am informed that the absence of floodlighting on the Council House dome is the result of Health & Safety issues associated with it's installation.

I don't know if there is some by-law against it, but it is noticeable that virtually no effort has been made by shops and businesses around the square to decorate their premises and provide some additional festive lighting. Maybe it's the 'crunch', but how much do a few lights and a small Christmas tree on a wall bracket cost ?  Even in many small Nottinghamshire villages, the businesses have made more of an effort.




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Christmas 2007 below:

Here is a collection of photographs taken in and around The Old Market Square at Christmas 2007.  Apologies for the overall quality of some of these shots but the area was so busy that it was impossible to take a photograph without someone wandering across.  There was also a slight breeze causing some of the displays to 'dance' and blur.  I think the new old market square would have looked great had it not been for the type of ice rink that has been constructed.  It is far too high off the ground and blocks the view of the Council House, the tents either side further detract from what would have been a great view.  A few years back I saw a circular rink constructed outside The Union Bank of Switzerland in The City of London.  That one was almost flush with the ground, without tents etc., and really contributed to the overall Christmas decorations.  Perhaps the City Council could try to address this issue for next year.  There are some excellent decorations this year, particularly those on lamp posts in Long Row, Smithy Row & High Street - see below.

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NM00371.JPG (51003 bytes) NM00372.JPG (45631 bytes) Nottingham21 Wishes All Visitors a 

Very Happy Christmas

and a Prosperous New Year

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