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Karlsruhe Palace or Schloss built by founder, Karl III Wilhelm - At the centre of The City of Karlsruhe

I am quite sure that I was not alone when, up until just a few months ago I had never heard of The City of Karlsruhe.  That situation was suddenly corrected in November 2008 when an e-mail arrived from Mr. Andreas Friedl at the Volkshochschule Karlsruhe, an Adult Education Centre, with a request for photographs of Nottingham.  
These he explained were for  use in connection with an exhibition that he and his colleagues were to set up to celebrate the 40th Anniversary of the city being  twinned with The City of Nottingham in 1969.

Needless to say, I was delighted to receive the request and over the next few months we exchanged many messages and Nottingham21 eventually contributed over a hundred photographs of our city  for the exhibition of which about  fifty have been used and displayed.

The exhibition opened on the 3rd February and will run until the 12th May 2009. Some photographs of the exhibition can be seen below and according to Andreas it has sparked quite a good bit of positive interest in Nottingham.


Karlsruhe Market Square and Town Hall

Karlsruhe Market Square and with the pyramid tomb of city founder, Karl III Wilhelm

Karlsruhe is located in Germany's Rhine valley not far from the Black Forest and the French border. Stuttgart is probably the nearest town that most people in the UK  will be familiar with. 

It was founded by Karl III Wilhelm in 1715 who built the Palace or Schloss (Top picture) as his new residence and the city was planned with this at its centre with the roads radiating outwards from it.  It was one of several cities that inspired the layout of Washington DC.

Karlsruhe, with a population of around 300,000 inhabitants,  is the home of Germany's largest oil refinery on the banks of the Rhine and a high proportion of its industry is in the high-tech research based sector. It is also a centre for business, law and academic studies.

Karlsruhe is the seat of the German Federal Constitutional Court and the highest Court of Appeals in civil and criminal cases.

The following four photographs are of the civic visit to Karlsruhe in May 2009
The delegation was led by the Lord Mayor of Nottingham
Cllr Gul Nawaz Khan
Just a small selection of the many images kindly sent to me

Mayor Obert of Karlsruhe, responsible for green areas, inaugurates the 'Nottingham' flowerbed in the Stadtgarten along with the Lord Mayor of Nottingham Gul Nawaz Khan, other members of the visiting delegation and their hosts.

Nottingham's Regional & International Team Manager John Connelly presents his Karlsruhe counterpart Andrea Hermanns with some flowers whilst, The Lord Mayor of Karlsruhe Heinz Fenrich, and The Lord Mayor of Nottingham Gul Nawaz Khan look on..

The Lord Mayor of Karlsruhe Heinz Fenrich makes a presentation to The Lord Mayor of Nottingham Gul Nawaz Khan

The Lord Mayor of Karlsruhe Heinz Fenrich with The Lord Mayor of Nottingham Gul Nawaz Khan beside a Karlsruhe tram.

The Volkshochschule Karlsruhe - Nottingham Exhibition
Very British - Very Special
A small selection of the Nottingham21 images on display

A Note of Thanks Received from Karlsruhe

Volkshochschule Karlsruhe, an Adult Education Centre in Germany, is very grateful for the big support of Ray Teece & Nottingham21.  2009 is the 40th anniversary of the twinning between Karlsruhe and Nottingham. Our college celebrates this with an exhibition on Nottingham. 

Without the photos of Ray this exhibition just wouldn't be possible. It was and is a wonderful cooperation with him, he helps us always in a very kind, thorough and reliable way. For example he chose a collection of images for our course directory and sent us this and the final selection for the exhibition at CDs in high resolution. Another example is that he initiated that the delegation from Nottingham will come to the exhibition during their stay in Karlsruhe in May.

The staff and the visitors of the exhibition are highly impressed by the photos and many of them told me that they would like to get to know this wonderful city, due to the photos of Ray. The Volkshochschule and the City Council Karlsruhe thank Ray very much and we wish his website lots of visitors, because the photos are really enjoyable. 

Andreas Friedl - 20th March 2009

All the above photographs are displayed with the kind permission of Andreas Friedl, Volkshochschule Karlsruhe
and Andrea Hermanns, Hauptamt Stadt Karlsruhe Städtepartnerschaften / Internationale Beziehungen


In July 2009 Andreas Friedl, Volkshochschule Karlsruhe made a private visit to Nottingham and on Tuesday 21st I was fortunate to be able to meet up with him for a drink in The Olde Trip to Jerusalem and then in-between the showers, to have a short stroll around some of the nearby sights of Nottingham.

Here he is with Nottingham legend Robin Hood outside Nottingham Castle.  After his holiday, Andreas is to take up a new appointment at another adult education establishment in Karlsruhe.

This meeting was a very pleasant conclusion to our collaboration on the Volkshochschule Nottingham Exhibition, and I wish him every success in his new post.






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