Waterways - The Nottingham Canal

The Nottingham Canal

This is NOT the Nottingham Canal, but it used to be and under the Abbey Street bridge at Lenton from where this shot was taken was once one of the locks.

The water that now flows under the bridge is The River Leen a tributary of The Trent.  The course of this river has been manipulated by man since ancient times when it was re-routed to flow past the Castle Rock.  In those days, as old paintings show, it was an important waterway for bringing goods up from the Trent to the city. In now passes under The Beeston Canal a short distance from here and then on to the Trent. It was re-routed again to take up this course after the canal closed.  It's waters are now very clean and I was informed by a local, that there are some large tench in this stretch.


  Ray Teece 24-07-2007