Nottingham Buildings




Post Script
August 2014

Soon after it was taken, and as a result of this picture,  the City Council took action to make emergency repairs to the roof and gutters etc.

 Sadly the plans to convert the  house into an hotel came to nothing as the owners went bust.

I fear that following the water damage in 2010 this historic building must now be in a very sorry state inside. Such a great shame

This shot was taken from the tower of St..Mary's Church and clearly shows the very poor state of repair that the roof is now in.

The building is on the 'At Risk' list but it seems that its salvation could now be close to hand.  A planning application to convert the house into an hotel has been approved.

Lets hope the work starts soon - it should look great fully restored.

Lady Hutchinson's House / County House

23 High Pavement

  Ray Teece  11-09-2010