Nottingham Buildings

3 Colville Villas

Off North Sherwood Street

At first glance these houses appear rather grand, but they are actually back to back semi-detached. When I lived there the kitchen was in a basement scullery that opened into a sunken yard across which was an underground outside toilet. There was no piped hot water but we did have a cold tap in the kitchen and on the ground floor.  Hot water either came from the coal fired range in the scullery or was boiled on the gas stove. Baths were taken in a tin tub in front of the range or in front of the open fire in the living room, the water having been  carried up a stone semi spiral staircase from below. There were two reception rooms on the ground floor, two bedrooms on the first and two further rooms (unused when we lived there), in the roof space.

  Ray Teece 07-08-2005